Our people:

  • Are the living values of the company
  • Respect our clients and their wishes
  • Are focused to the result
  • Undertake advanced training
  • Are team players and function in an excellent working environment
  • Are proud of their achievements and results
  • Are the Silent Force of company
  • Are friends and ready to voluntarily offer their help to a fellow man in need.
  • Create their own career path and develop theirselves within the company

Selection of executives:

The selection of our executives, at any level of the management, is based on the studies, the level of know-how and experience on their subject, as well as the process we have developed and concerns oral and written evaluation (tests of objective exploration of knowledge and skills). In addition, through psychometric considerations it is measured: the employee’s endurance in stressful situations and the ability to manage it, the way of working under pressure, the way of thinking, as it is important for the candidate to fit into the call center business, the candidate’s approach to the team spirit and cooperation, etc.

Upon their recruitment and prior to their employment, they receive advanced training, such as Soft Skills, Complaint Management, as well as product training according to the project. They then follow closely and in co-operation with their supervisor the project, on which they will be occupied (on the job training). The training for each new agent vary from 2 to 5 weeks depending on the project. Training continues and evolves based on the needs of each project they undertake with their team (product or service training, specific communication specifics, etc.). The company has developed all training methods, such as Train-The-Trainer, e-learning, class training, attendance of seminars and conferences outside the company.

Infoassist is remunerating its employees according to the law on hours and days of employment. All employees are insured in accordance with the law. In addition, there is a reward scheme linked to productivity, quantitative and qualitative assessment criteria as defined jointly with employees on recruitment or later.

The performance of each employee is measured regularly with specific criteria as reflected in the performance management system developed and implemented by Infoassist.

According to this, every employee is either rewarded or instructed to improve the way of his work or performance according to each project criteria.

Through the automated Internal Quality Audit process, which we have developed and implemented for all projects, issues relating to the quality of the project are emerging in order to implement an effective solution and ensure optimal implementation according to the standards set by both us and our clients. Specifically, the process concerns a sampling investigation by specially trained staff, which keep all findings in specific electronic forms. Below is the assessment of the findings and the further advisory or educational process of the agent or team of agents.

The evaluation categories concern:

  • How the agent begins or closes the conversation
  • Communication skills and general agent behavior
  • The solution given during conversation from the agent and its effectiveness (eg appointment, sale, problem solving, etc.)

Qualitative evaluation then adds quantitative criteria to the agent or group according to the objectives set in each project.

In this way we achieve the continuous development of the staff while at the same time ensuring the quality of the services provided.